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TEDS - Technical Info

What is TEDS

TEDS, or Transducer Electronic Data Sheet, is a set of electronic data in a standardized format defined within the IEEE 1451.4 standard. This data specifies what type of sensor is present, describes its interface, and gives technical information such as manufacturer, type number, serial number, sensitivity calibration date, reference condition etc.

A TEDS sensor is the same as "Plug and Play" sensor, as the sensor via it’s internally memory can identify and describe itself to the Data Acquisition System and perform automatic system configuration.

What are the advantages of TEDS?

By implementing TEDS sensors you will have the below advantages:

Ensures integrity of the measurement chain

  • What is connected to what
  • Quick traceability
  • Improved diagnostics and troubleshooting
  • Monitoring of calibration intervals
  • Improved sensor data management, bookkeeping, and inventory management

Plug and Play

  • No recalibration is needed when replacing sensors
  • The data acquisition system can recalibrate itself

 Reduction of routine work

  • Reduced safety risks. it is no longer necessary to "climb on machines" for connection verification
  • Reduced costs for set-up and tear-down
  • Reduced downtime for sensor repair and Quicker, more automated system setup


A Microphone with TEDS will typically consist of the data shown in table 1.

TEDS microphone data

Sensor wiring

TEDS are available in both standard preamplifiers as well an in CCP (ICP) preamplifiers.

In standard preamplifiers, preamplifiers with 7 pol. LEMO plug is one of the pins (5) used for TEDS Data and the ground is shared, as shown in fig 2.

Preamplifier with shared return wire

In the two wires CCP preamplifiers are the TEDS DATA signal shared with Microphone signal, as shown in fig. 3. 

Preamplifier with shared signal wire

If you have any questions concerning TEDS please contact support here.