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Microphone Calibration

At GRAS we are focused not only on the reliability of our products, but also on the precision and repeatability of your measurements. GRAS microphones are therefore calibrated and verified according to international standards, and the calibration data are included with the products.

Calibration at regular intervals is a way to safeguard the quality of your measurements and to eliminate the costs caused by unreliable equipment. Also, it is a way to ensure that historical measurement data are valid and comparable.

Depending on the use, measurement environment and internal quality control programs, we recommend that microphones are calibrated at a dedicated calibration laboratory at least once a year.

We endorse our Accredited Calibration Laboratory in Denmark or the GRAS Microphone Calibration Centers located in Asia, Europe and North America.

We offer calibration with fast turn-around time. For larger series of equipment, you can make a calibration agreement to minimize the turn-around time.

Read about our calibration services here.

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