GRAS AL0010 Microphone Calibration Stand



The GRAS AL0010 Calibration Stand provides a convenient platform for testing condenser microphones. It has a fixture for holding a 1/2” preamplifier (e.g. GRAS 26AG) securely in place as well as recesses and a column for safely parking electro-static actuators (i.e. RA0014 and RA0015) and microphone protection grids when not in use. It can be set up for both 1/2” and 1” microphones.The AL0010 is a useful addition to a set-up (which includes a  GRAS 14AA Electrostatic Actuator Amplifier) for routinely calibrating condenser microphones.

Quality & Warranty

GRAS accessories are made of stainless steel, alloys and high-quality composites. These items are covered by a 2 year warranty respecting their intended use.
On consumables like batteries, cables and windscreens we offer a 6 month warranty.

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