GRAS RA0038 1/2'' 2cc Coupler according to IEC 60318-5

Volume: 2 cc
ANSI: S3.7
IEC: 60318-5
Special feature: For 1/2" pressure microphones

GRAS RA0038 1/2'' 2cc Coupler according to IEC 60318-5


The RA0038 is for use in the acoustical measurements of insert type hearing aids and earphones.

It complies with the requirements of

  • IEC 60318-5 (60126) 2 cm3 coupler for the measurement of hearing aids and earphones coupled to the ear by ear inserts and
  • ANSI S3.7-1995 American National Standard for Coupler Calibration of Earphones.

To avoid possibly damaging the microphone, the RA0038 can be used with a microphone fitted with its protection grid, e.g. a GRAS 40AG and a suitable preamplifier, like GRAS 26AS which is a 1/4" very short preamplifier with 3 m integrated cable.

The RA0038 is also part of the GRAS 43AB Artificial Ear.


Connector type
0 V / CCP
Coupler volume
2 ccm
Humidity range non condensing
% RH
0 to 95
ANSI standard
IEC standard
60318-5 (former 60126)
CE/RoHS compliant/WEEE registered
Yes/Yes, Yes
g / oz
50 / 1.76

GRAS Sound & Vibration reserves the right to change specifications and accessories without notice.

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