G.R.A.S. PR0001-1 Array Module with Lateral Cable Connection



The array module has a single 3 m cable which terminates in a 7-pin male LEMO plug 1B for connecting each array microphone in parallel with a constant current power supply and a multi-channel facility for signal analyses. A modular design allows multiple-array configurations to suit various measurement requirements using supplied as well as available accessories. In all cases, the pitch distance across the array module is maintained at 50 mm.

The array microphone is simply plugged into the numbered SMB sockets (which are pitched at 50mm intervals) of the Array Module.

The PR0001-1 has a lateral cable connection and is numbered 1 to 6 on both sides

Quality & Warranty

G.R.A.S. accessories are made of stainless steel, alloys and high-quality composites. These items are covered by a 2 year warranty respecting their intended use.
On consumables like batteries, cables and windscreen we offer a 6 month warranty.


G.R.A.S. RA0630

Connection piece for mounting additional Array module horisontally. Connects the ends of two Array modules.

G.R.A.S. RA0107

Set of 6 spacers for mounting additional Array module verically and spaced 50 mm.

G.R.A.S. SK4003

Top nut for spacers (M5 stainless steel)

G.R.A.S. RA0094

Tripod adapter

G.R.A.S. AL0006


G.R.A.S. AA0009

10 m LEMO cable


 Customized length LEMO cable (XXXX = length in cm)

G.R.A.S. AC0015

Split cable 7-pin LEMO to 6x BNC

G.R.A.S. AC0016

Split cable 7-pin LEMO to 6x SMB