Measure up to 20 kHz!

GRAS is proud to present  a new high resolution ear simulator - available on multiple test fixtures

High resolution audio is quickly becoming an important market driver in personal audio. The new High Resolution Ear Simulator is designed specifically to meet the need for reliable and repeatable measurements of personal audio devices at high frequencies. The High Resolution Ear Simulator  is precise, consistent and allows you to measure with confidence. A unique feature of the RA0401 is a special dampening system that extends its useful frequency range to 20 kHz.


This has significant advantages when measuring sophisticated ear and head phones and technologically advanced, wide-band hearing aids. Now, for the first time it is possible to obtain accurate, reliable and repeatable measurements above 10 kHz.


Outstanding benefits include:

  • Improved repeatability above 10 kHz

  • Measurements below and above 10 kHz in the same measurement setup

  • The dampened resonance means better distortion measurements, even from as low as 3-5 kHz

  • Minimized operator error and improved accuracy

  • Full backwards campatible with standard 60318-4 (711) ear simulator.

The High Resolution Ear Simulator is available on multiple test platforms for R&D, production testing and verification needs.

According to Senior Product Manager Jan Hansen from G.R.A.S, the High Resolution Ear Simulator has clear benefits when testing sophisticated products such as headphones. “They demand testing microphones that can measure what the human ear can hear – and that’s what they get with the High Resolution Ear Simulator -  measurements can now be carried out below and above 10 kHz in the same measurement setup, at the drum reference point and with the same acoustical loading of the transducer under test. This makes tests of headphones and the like much easier and with improved repeatability.”

The new high resolution ear simulator is available in two versions:

The GRAS RA0401 Externally Polarized and the GRAS RA0402 Prepolarized.


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