G.R.A.S. 40PP-S1 CCP Free-field QC Microphone, High Pressure

Freq range: 10 Hz to 20 kHz
Dyn range: 32 dB(A) to 142 dB
Sensitivity: 10 mV/Pa (± 3 dB)

Typical applications and use

  • Production-line testing of drivers, receivers, and microspeakers
  • Sound-scape recording in array configurations
  • Multichannel measurements (analysis)


The cost-effectiveness of the 40PP-S1 is a key consideration when setting up multiple production lines. Close manufacturing tolerances provide the 40PP-S1 with a high degree of interchangeability – a major advantage when used in production-line test setups.

The robust standard BNC connector of the 40PP-S1 ensures an easy-to-handle setup and supports the use of standard RG58 cables all the way from the microphone to the input module.

The integrated CCP (Constant Current Power) preamplifier requires a constant-current power supply, such as the G.R.A.S. 12AL 1-Channel CCP Power Module with A-Weighting filter, or any other CCP compatible power supply or input module. The built-in TEDS (Transducer Electronid Data Sheet, according to IEEE 1451.4) chip provides information about the microphone that can be used by systems designed for use with TEDS.

Microphone Calibration

Calibration is easy with a G.R.A.S. pistonphone, such as the G.R.A.S. 42AA, together with a ¼" microphone adapter.

Before leaving the factory, G.R.A.S. products are tested and calibrated by G.R.A.S., and an individual test certificate is included with the product.


G.R.A.S. offers 3 years warranty against defective materials and workmanship.

Frequency range (±1 dB) Hz 50 to 5 k
Frequency range (±2 dB) Hz 5 k to 20 k
Frequency range (±3 dB) Hz 10 to 50
Dynamic range lower limit (microphone thermal noise) dB(A) <32
Dynamic range upper limit dB 142
Set sensitivity @ 250 Hz (±3 dB) dB re 1V/Pa 10
Polarization voltage V 0
Power supply (Constant Current Power) mA 2 to 20
Microphone venting Front
Output impedance Ω <50
Temperature range, operation °C / °F -10 to 50 / 14 to 122
Temperature range, storage °C / °F -40 to 85 / -40 to 185
Influence of axial vibration @1 m/s² dB re 20 µPa 50
TEDS UTID (IEEE 1451.4) 27 v. 1.0
Connector type BNC
CE/RoHS compliant/WEEE registered Yes/Yes/Yes
Weight g / oz 5.5 / 0.19401

Typical frequency response

G.R.A.S. Sound & Vibration reserves the right to change specifications and accessories without notice.


Optional accessories

G.R.A.S. AA0039-CL BNC to BNC 50 Ω extension cable, customized length
G.R.A.S. 12AL 1-Channel CCP Power Module with A-weighting filter
G.R.A.S. AL0028 Tripod adapter
G.R.A.S. RA0092 Rain-protection Cap for array microphones
G.R.A.S. 42AP Intelligent Pistonphone, Class 0
G.R.A.S. 42AG Multifunction Sound Calibrator, Class 1

G.R.A.S. Sound & Vibration reserves the right to change specifications and accessories without notice.