GRAS 147AX CCP Rugged Pressure Microphone



A new paradigm for engine noise testing

Growing customer expectations increasingly push for noise-reduced cars. Therefore, OEMs continuously struggle to identify and reduce noise sources. Also, the increasing pressure for fast prototyping and shorter “time-to-market” calls for improved and more efficient noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) test methods. Generating reliable data is critical in this process, and it requires using the best measurement microphones as well as constantly improving the measurement procedures.

This is why GRAS has developed a new surface microphone optimized for cold and hot engine measurements.


With its laboratory precision, extreme ruggedness to match the hot and harsh conditions in an engine bay as well as a novel form factor and mounting system, the 147AX microphone (patent pending) is destined to become the preferred solution for testing facilities around the world.

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