Quality and warranty

All microphones provided by G.R.A.S. are constructed with a stainless steel protection grid and housing as well as special stainless alloy diaphragm for unmatched durability and longevity. All our high precision standard measurement microphones and microphone sets are delivered with a 5-year warranty against defective materials and workmanship.

The 5-year warranty also covers our low noise systems and outdoor microphones. The 5-year warranty on the outdoor microphones is conditional on an annual service made by G.R.A.S.

Artificial ears and ear simulators with integrated microphone are delivered with a 5-year warranty.

The 5-year warranty also covers all G.R.A.S. intensity probes.

Environmental microphones and preamplifiers are delivered with a 3-year warranty.

Power modules, calibration equipment, array microphones, QC microphones as well as the surface microphone 40PS, are delivered with a 2-year warranty.

Mouth simulators, KEMAR, and test fixtures (incl. Hemisphere) are also covered by a 2-year warranty.

Cables and windscreens are covered by a 6-month warranty. For cables integrated in products such as preamplifiers, TEDS microphones, intensity probes, and ear simulators, the 6-month warranty is also valid.

Batteries and other consumables are not covered by warranty.

The products are not covered by warranty if the damage is a result of negligent use, incorrect power supply, or incorrect connection to the equipment.

Warranty on Repairs

The G.R.A.S. warranty on repairs is 6 months. This repair warranty only covers the part being repaired. The general warranty period is not extended accordingly.