As the manufacturer of top-quality measurement microphones, we at G.R.A.S. are naturally focused not only on the reliability of our products, but also on the precision and repeatability of your measurements. Most G.R.A.S. products are therefore calibrated and verified according to international standards, and the calibration data is included with the products.

To ensure continuous. reliable. and safe measurement results. we recommend that you have your measurement equipment calibrated at least once a year; either by G.R.A.S. or by those of our partners who are certified calibration laboratories.

At G.R.A.S., we offer calibration with fast turn-around time. For larger series of equipment. we recommend that you make a calibration agreement to minimize the turn-around time and maximize your up-time. For more information, contact your local G.R.A.S. partner.
G.R.A.S. offers a factory calibration of all relevant equipment. The calibrations are performed by specially trained G.R.A.S. personnel under controlled conditions according to established procedures and standards.
The calibrations are traceable to recognized national and international reference laboratories, e.g. National Physical Laboratory (NPL) in England.

New as well as re-calibrated equipment is delivered with up-to-date calibration information on individual calibration charts or extended calibration certificates.

Some clients require accredited calibrations, which are calibrations made by a National Metrology Institute according to appropriate working standards. G.R.A.S. is also able to offer this service should you require calibration from an independent organization.