G.R.A.S. RA0045-S1 Prepolarized Ear Simulator According to IEC 60318-4 (60711)

Volume: 1260 mm³ @ 500 Hz
Dyn range: 25 dB(A) to 150 dB
IEC: 60318-4

The RA0045-S1 Prepolarized Ear Simulator is for making acoustic measurements on earphones coupled to the human ear by ear inserts such as tubes, ear moulds, or ear tips. The acoustic input impedance of RA0045-S1 closely resembles that of the human ear and, as a result, loads a sound source in very much the same way.

It is delivered with a built-in G.R.A.S. 40AO 1/2" prepolarized pressure microphone and an individual calibration chart for the ear simulator.

The RA0045-S1 complies with the following international requirements:

  • IEC 60318-4:
    Occluded-ear simulator for the measurement of earphones coupled to the ear by ear inserts.
  • ITU-T Recommendations P.57 (08/96) Series P:
    Telephone transmission quality, Objective measuringapparatus: Artificial ears.

It is also part of the G.R.A.S. Artificial Ear 43AC-S1.

The RA0045-S1 can be used with a standard CCP preamplifier, e.g. the 26CA 1/2" Preamplifier or the 26CB 1/4" Preamplifier fitted with an adapter. For the 1/4" preamplifier, use either the straight RA0003 Adapter or the right-angled RA0001 Adapter.

In accordance with ITU-T Recommendation P.57(08/96): Series P: Telephone transmission quality,Objective measuring apparatus: Artificial ears, Type 3.1-3.4, the RA0045-S1 can be used with the following G.R.A.S. pinna simulators for testing telephones:

  • RA0056 Low-leak Pinna Simulator 
  • RA0057 High-leak Pinna Simulator 

Important: The microphone should not be removed from the coupler since this will jeopardise the factory calibration.

Theoretical dynamic range lower limit with G.R.A.S. preamplifier dB(A) 25
Dynamic range upper limit with G.R.A.S. CCP preamplifier dB 150
Resonance frequency kHz 13.5
Coupler volume 1260 @ 500 Hz
Temperature range, operation °C / °F -30 to 60 / -22 to 140
Temperature coefficient @250 Hz dB/°C / dB/°F 0.05
Humidity range non condensing % RH 0 to 75
IEC standard 60318-4 (former 60711)
ITU-T recommondations P.57
CE/RoHS compliant/WEEE registered Yes/Yes/Yes
Weight g / oz 60 / 2.12

Typical frequency response