GRAS RA0062 20 pF Preamplifier-input Adapter for 1/2" preamplifiers

Length: 47.50 mm (excl. connector)
Diameter: 12.70 mm
Material: stainless steel



The RA0062 is a 20 pF input adapter for 1/2" preamplifiers. One end screws on to a 1/2" preamplifier and the other end has a BNC input connector. This enables connecting a signal generator to the input of the preamplifier.
Short circuiting the BNC input results only in loading the preamplifier by 20 pF. For this purpose a BNC plug with a built-in 50 ohm resistor is enclosed. This plug is used when measuring the noise floor in the preamplifier.

Quality & Warranty

GRAS accessories are made of stainless steel, alloys and high-quality composites. These items are covered by a 2 year warranty respecting their intended use.
On consumables like batteries, cables and windscreen we offer a 6 month warranty.

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