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New improved pinna - one step closer to the human ear

New improved pinna from GRAS

One step closer to the human ear

The headphone market is expanding rapidly. Advances in technology have allowed for the production of headphones in a wide range of types and forms, as well as improved technology and connectivity.

Our answer to these challenges? The new, improved GRAS pinna – one step closer to the human ear.

Explore the new pinna - watch the intro video

New improved pinna 

The best pinna available

Breaking boundaries

With our new pinna, we have made subtle but important changes to the geometry of the pinna, concha and ear canal, providing significant improvements in the fit, placement and seal of the pinna.

This means fewer but more precise measurements – and just as importantly, absolute confidence in the data you capture. It also means a significant reduction in the time needed to test in-ear products.  

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Measure everything the human ear can hear

with the more natural pinna

For founder Gunnar Rasmussen and the rest of the GRAS team – the dream was – and still is – to be able to measure as perfectly as the human ear perceives sound, and cover the same tonal range with similar accuracy and reproducibility.

With this new pinna we are now one step closer.

Discover the more natural pinna

New improved pinna


Easier to work with

New improved pinna

Mounting the new pinna

Since the launch of the anthropometric pinna we have received impressive feedback from our customers and for many, this ear feels more natural, which is supported by the fact that the left and right ear are not symmetrically and is much easier to work with - especially when it comes to testing in-ear headphones. But don’t just take their word for it; try it for yourself with a free demo.

But don’t just take their word for it; try it for yourself with a free demo.

Watch the easy mounting video 

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